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Samy Vellu least qualified to criticise Selangor Pakatan

Samy Vellu least qualified to criticise Selangor Pakatan
COMMENT Former MIC president S Samy Vellu has been in the news recently, expressing support for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's transformation programmes as well as attacking the Selangor Pakatan government for lacking in achievements.
Samy Vellu has also been spotted alongside PM Najib at many functions.

mic agm president g palanivelIt is also widely believed that MIC president G Palanivel (left) is weak, both within and outside the MIC.

So, we see Umno's pitbull and proven lackey unleashed, as part of a late onslaught on Pakatan, to boost BN/MIC's chances at the ballot box.

It looks like termites are finding their way out of the woodwork.

That Najib has to rely on the discredited Samy Vellu, who was put to pasture by Najib himself when he became PM, points to an increasingly desperate MIC/BN.

Samy Vellu presided over MIC and was the sole representative for the Indians at cabinet level for almost 30 years.

During this period, we have seen the total marginalisation of Indians in all areas under the Malaysian sun.

We witnessed a spike in the crime rate, the neglect and deterioration of Tamil schools, rampant demolition of Hindu temples, narrowing of access to government jobs and business capital as well as a diminishing corporate stake.
Unprecedented allocation
In contrast, Pakatan's contribution to the Indians has been remarkable in Selangor.

There is an unprecedented specific annual allocation of RM4 million to Tamil schools and RM2 million to Hindu temples.

The newly renovated and refurbished SRJK (T) Midlands school and convention centre is the pride of the Indian community and for the first time in Malaysian history, we will have a full residential Tamil school in ljok.

In comparison, BN's 55 years saw five major estates make way for the iconic Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

Samy Vellu stood powerless when former workers were relocated to low-cost houses that were just too far away from schools, temples and other amenities, causing untold hardship.

Indians became a displaced community all over Selangor as more and more estates made way for development.

In almost all cases, the culprits were state (BN) owned companies.

effingham school 050808 protestTo top it all, Samy Vellu himself was implicated in the hijacking of land allocated to the Effingham school in Bandar Utama, PJ.

To date, the issue remains unresolved.

It was always a trademark of Samy Vellu's leadership to surround himself with weak leaders. Selangor was no exception.
Happy with crumbs
The successive Selangor MIC leadership mirrored the MIC leader's philosophy of never offending the Umno master.

They were happy with the crumbs thrown at them by Umno.

This attitude trickled all the way down to the division and branch levels.

For instance, Tamil school headmasters, who were often local MIC branch chairmen and leaders, kept silent on the plight of their students for fear of offending the local state department of education as well as the powerful Umno warlords.

If each and every MIC branch had chosen to champion just 10 cases of the critical stateless Indian problem, the issue would have been totally resolved today.

A servile attitude permeated all levels of the MIC leadership, who were keen on minor state awards like PJK, PPN, AMN and the like.

It was common for them to look forward to the general election and the by-elections as occasions to make money through the many campaign allocations dished out by their Umno counterparts.

Thus, the MIC was always at a sandiwara (show) with Umno in its dealings with the Indian community.

MIC lamented the lack of resources at its disposal but Umno pronounced that enough had been done for the Indians through the MIC.

NONEIndians finally had enough of the wayang kulit (shadow play) and sent a loud message through the ballot box in 2008.

This prompted Najib (left) to reach out directly to the Indians when he was appointed PM in 2009.

It looks like Najib has failed in his direct approach by the way he has reverted to the old formula of letting MIC and Samy Vellu do his bidding at the hustings.

And Samy Vellu should know better than come out of retirement because he is synonymous with BN's failed Indian leadership in Selangor and elsewhere.

m manoharan 02M MANOHARAN is Selangor assemblyperson for Kota Alam Shah.

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