Saturday, July 5, 2014

Call on the Cabinet to direct the IGP to carry a full and thorough investigation against individuals alleged to be Tamil Tiger separatists

Press Statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on July 5, 2014

Call on the Cabinet to direct the IGP to carry a full and thorough investigation against individuals alleged to be Tamil Tiger separatists

Four Sri Lankans were arrested by Malaysian police yesterday as they were alleged to be trying to revive the Separatist Tamil movement of Sri Lanka.

In May this year, the Malaysian police had also arrested 3 refugees apparently involved in the reviving of the separatist Tamil movement. But before due and thorough investigation, the three were deported.

I had said then that the "refuges need protection not deportation”. The then deportation was totally irrational and was against all norms of international law.

First and foremost, our police should not be least interested whether one had been involved in the separatist movement in Sri Lanka. I assert this because that is an internal affair of Sri Lanka and no concern of us. 

If the Government is concerned about the revival of the separatist movement, our police should equally be concerned about the killings of over 80,000 innocent people by the Sri Lankan army. 

Sri Lanka is being investigated by the Human Rights Council of the UN after the body adopted three consecutive years of resolutions against Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan leaders’ hands are bloodied and are alleged to be involved in human rights abuse, crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide, war crimes and ethnic cleansing. 

Our Police cannot and should not over look that the separatist movement is not a banned organisation in Malaysia as it so confirmed in a written reply to me in Parliament in 2004.

For some time,  the local Sri Lankan embassy has been very involved in our local issues. They were instrumental in getting the authorities to disrupt the screening of "No fire zone" in Kuala Lumpur. As a result,  the organiser has been hauled up to court and facing charges for screening the documentary  "no fire zone" which has not been approved by the censorship board. This could be the only case of its kind in our Malaysian Courts.

The charges are very unnecessary and illogical as one can just down load the documentary from the internet. And the screening was done in Parliament House where over 25 Members of Parliament were present.

 The Sri Lankan embassy made representation to the Speaker of Malaysian Parliament of their unhappiness of this screening. It is obvious that the Sri Lankan embassy has been  using its connection to prevent any form of criticisms against its present government and its bloodied leaders.    

I call upon Malaysian police to carry out their duties professionally. No individual must be arrested based on cooked up and drummed up evidence provided by the Sri Lankan authorities. The evidence should be discarded but will our police do so?  

The unashamed open involvement of the Sri Lankan embassy in our local matters for them to have got our police on their side must be condemned.

Let's not overlook the fact that these individuals are in our country because of all the harassment, abuse of human rights and killings which happens principally against the Tamil minority. 

Just a month ago, many Muslims were killed by Sri Lankan Buddhist extremists. Many Muslims were saying openly that they are under threat as the Tamil minority has been decimated and now the ultras are turning to haunt the other minority the Muslims.

I urge the authorities to disregard any evidence provided by Sri Lankan authorities in relation to the present arrest. By all means, arrest them and prosecute them in courts if these individual have committed crimes within the meaning of our law. Don’t just find the easy way out to deport them. If they are deported , it just goes to show we are subservient to and assisting a ruthless Sri Lankan Government.

Finally I call upon the Malaysian Cabinet to ask the Inspector General of Police to carry out full and thorough investigations against the individuals. Deportation should be out of bounds.

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